Hello there, my name is Alex.

Welcome to my digital portfolio!

I’m a creative writer with a decade of experience in tech, marketing, and finance. Due to the nature of my professional background, I’m equally versed in technical writing.

Working with major digital entrepreneurs from all over the world has taught me how to properly engage my readers even when discussing the most complex topics. 

I’m currently focused on my consulting agency and a novel that’s about to be published, but open to writing work I find exciting.

Short Bio & More About Me​

My actual name is Aleksa Popović, and I was born in Bor, a small mining town in Eastern Serbia. My first ever client started calling me Alex as he had trouble pronouncing my real name. I liked it so I kept it.

As a young child, I took a huge interest in novels. At first, I read anything I could get my hands on, most of which I didn't understand, but as I got older I gravitated more towards my now favorite genres which are high fantasy and philosophy.

During high-school, I tried my hand at copywriting meeting clients online and found myself quite successful. A few years later, my client network came through and I landed my first full-time marketing job in a tech company. The rest is history.

I have tons of hobbies; Fantasy books, video games, country music, FPL, cliché 90s movies, cooking, weightlifting, cryptocurrencies, playing football, watching NBA basketball, and trying to write my own novel among other things.

My Skills & Expertise

Working with digital innovators since I was a teenager and learning from experts during my time with Sony and Microsoft, I have acquired a certain set of skills.

Creative writing, copywriting, technical writing, data analysis, SEO, fiscal audits, risk management.

Bilingual in English and Serbian as well as fluent in five other languages including Italian and French

Years of experience using software commonly required by digital marketing and advanced-tech clients

Deep understanding of reader psychology. I can make complex topics simple to understand.

Adaptability. Client needs frequently change and you'll find I can alter my schedule to fit yours in times of crisis.

I can write about pretty much any topic, having worked in and written about so many different industries.

I Was Lucky Enough to Work With Them

Below, you can find some of my favorite people I worked with.
These are all amazing individuals that I learned so much from.

Michael Hobbs, Accountant

“I had no idea how important your blog content is until I met Alex. In just a few months he helped me rework my entire content structure and I saw an immediate increase in website visitors and potential clients contacting me. Would recommend Alex to anyone looking to expand their client network and engage more customers.”

Rose Zhang, Blogger

“Alex helped me revitalize my blog and engage my readers in a more profound way. I really learned a lot from him when it comes to purposeful writing. I can safely say I progressed more as a writer myself through my experience working with Alex compared to attending numerous writing courses online.”

Raul Berisha, Marketing

“My company hired Alex to handle content writing for a high-profile client. He didn’t disappoint and his services became a staple whenever we had a demanding employer that required impeccable writing. To this day, I worked with Alex on a number of personal projects finding great success together.”

Jim Davis, Photographer

“We hired Alex to help us with our website, GoPro Zone. Initially, he was to review our existing writing and make edits, but after that was done, we wanted him to do more. His enthusiastic tone helped us grow our audience and improve our blog quality. I was excited to see how a true professional handled writing with a passion.”

What Can I Offer?

A decade of experience writing about popular topics including entertainment, tech, and finance.

Ability to tell complex stories in a simple yet captivating way that’s ideal for varied audiences.

Professionalism and consistency regarding both short and long-term projects.


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